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Science Research in the High School
Science Research in the High School
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Science Research - Year 2

Tufts Study: Civic Engagement of Youth

Some Questions...
HS Sports - how do they effect our lives?
Do jocks rule the world?  It's been X years since title ix helped women become jocks... do they have a better chance of "ruling the world" than girls who don't play sports? What sports?  Think about 8 year old boys learning "construction critisism"  Do 8 year old girls?
Urban vs Rural... the great divide... are the people that different?  Less informed?  Less aware? Has the internet effected change?  Urban-rural initiative? 
Does our polarized political climate prevent kids from identifying with either of the political parties?  Does that affect citizen apathy? 

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Citizens/Involvement/Engagement Survey Research

Science Research - Year 1

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